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"Treasure take the headache away! They fully understand the needs of our business and their support enables us to give our customers the service and flexibility they expect."   
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The cleanliness of the tankers used to transport bulk foods and liquids is our number one priority. Treasure has been transporting liquids - beer in particular - for over 50 years, and our experience in this field is second to none: a reputation of which we are fiercely proud.

The company uses its own, independently-audited, custom-designed CIP tank wash unit which controls the wash facility built into each of our modern tankers, this is also in addition to our high specification spinner wash bay. The unit is designed to eliminate operator error and ensure complete cleanliness. Tanks are analysed and certified after each wash using our own facilities.

The system offers variable wash procedures: tankers carrying organic beers, for example, are washed to soil association standards while others receive treatment appropriate to their goods to be transported. Treasure is also one of the few companies in the country, thanks to the flexibility of its unit, to offer CIP under pressure.

Despite the safeguards and checks built into the system, washed tanks undergo further manual testing-including a bioluminescence test to check on cleanliness, and a litmus test to check for residual chemicals. Only when the tank has passed these final tests can it be sealed and returned to the pool -ensuring that your next pint is as perfect as the last.